1. Acid Yellow


Add some zest to spring styles with a twist of acid yellow.

Shirt-dress with large sashes

kr2,179.00  kr1,743.00
2 available colours

Corolla dress with opening at the back

kr2,048.00  kr1,638.00
2 available colours

Floral scarf with micro-pleats

kr709.00  kr496.00

Tank dress with porthole opening on the back

kr1,575.00  kr1,260.00

Tank top with porthole opening on the back

kr669.00  kr535.00

Sarong skirt with laces

kr1,869.00  kr1,308.00
3 available colours

Wide poplin trousers

kr1,405.00  kr983.00
2 available colours

Wrap top with bow

kr1,149.00  kr804.00
2 available colours

Mini shirt jumpsuit with bow

kr2,048.00  kr1,638.00
2 available colours

Oversized lightweight parka

kr2,989.00  kr2,092.00
2 available colours

Skinny gabardine trousers

kr1,165.00  kr815.00
3 available colours

Stretch silk/satin V-neck top

kr1,815.00  kr1,270.00
4 available colours

Relaxed longline blazer

kr3,249.00  kr2,274.00

Mesh knitted sweater with frill cuffs

kr1,945.00  kr1,361.00
2 available colours

Cotton 1986 T-shirt

kr769.00  kr615.00

Extra-wide fit faded jeans

kr1,555.00  kr1,088.00

2-in-1 sweatshirt with matching top

kr1,295.00  kr1,036.00
2 available colours

Boxy fit shirt

kr1,245.00  kr871.00

A-line cotton/linen skirt

kr1,635.00  kr1,144.00

Embellished cotton T-shirt

kr1,033.00  kr826.00
6 available colours

Bucket bag with fringe trim and chain

kr1,749.00  kr1,224.00

Midi-heel sandals with chains

kr2,705.00  kr1,623.00
2 available colours

Striped mesh knitted dress

kr2,599.00  kr2,079.00

Trapeze sunglasses

3 available colours

Twill blazer

kr2,599.00  kr1,819.00
2 available colours

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